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About this guide

Welcome to our workplace Recycling Guide! 

The tips in this step-by-step guide will help you to: 

Optimise: get the most from your current waste collection service 

Plan: design a recycling system that works for your business and employees 

Reduce costs: recycling is often cheaper than disposal! 

Get compliant: ensure your business complies with the new regulations 

In this guide, we’ll take you through five steps to implementing recycling in your workplace – below is an outline of what we’ll be explaining. Whether you’re a business, a school, a health service or any other type of organisation, if your workplace is new to recycling, work your way through from Step 1. If you’re after advice on a particular stage, click the links below to jump to the relevant section.

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  • 2. Planning your recycling needs

    Planning your recycling needs

  • 3. Calculating the collection cost of your waste

    Calculating the collection cost of your waste

  • 4. Setting up recycling for your business

    Setting up recycling for your business

  • 5. Monitoring your recycling service

    Monitoring your recycling service