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Why your business needs to recycle

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Checklist: what your business needs to do to comply

Keep waste to a minimum – prevention is always best, so remember eliminate waste where possible, and reuse and repair if you can.

Sort and store waste safely and securely – sort different types of waste to avoid , using clearly labelled containers with covers to stop waste blowing away and getting wet.

Complete a waste transfer note for each load of waste that leaves your business, or a document with the same information, such as an invoice. You’ll need to keep this for two years. You can complete ‘season tickets’ for a series of loads, and from April 2025 you’ll be able to move over to Digital Waste Tracking.

Use a registered waste carrier – visit the Public Register of Waste Carriers, Brokers and Dealers to check if a provider is registered.

Make sure it’s disposed of legally – if the company you use disposes of your waste illegally, such as ‘’, you could be held responsible.